Cannabis Licensing Experts

Your licenses are the foundation for your cannabis business. At Axial Compliance Consulting, we provide you with the critical resources, experience and perspective to help you obtain and manage all your licenses and your entire compliance program. Based in Denver, Colorado, we serve clients across the United States.

Cannabis licenses are unique: the risk of error is vast, the tolerance for mistakes is minimal and the cost of non-compliance or a low-quality application can be fatal. We believe that success requires:

  • careful strategy,
  • comprehensive understanding of scope,
  • diligent preparation, and
  • thorough verification.

We understand the full range of what is needed to obtain and maintain competitively or openly granted state and local licenses and provide everything necessary to meet those needs.

New License Applications

Are you ready to enter the cannabis industry? Axial Compliance has prepared license applications in over a dozen jurisdictions. Let’s chat to find a strategy that works for you!

License Management

Whether your license needs to be renewed, modified, or transferred – we’re here to help! Email us today to learn more about our annual license subscription plan.


Uncertain about the rules? Axial Compliance can help! We work with regulatory authorities at every level to ensure compliant operations.


Founded in 2018, Axial Compliance Consulting assists clients with all aspects of license management.


Listen to our CEO and founder discuss her process for license applications on this Cannabis Radio podcast.